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As a 24+ year experienced broker, Shari has sold over $350 Million in Real Estate. She began her career being mentored and trained by the best of the best, Tere Foster. Her business is based mainly on personal referrals from clients and has allowed her to be a generational Realtor for hundreds of families like yours. Shari's strengths include: understanding the changing market conditions, pricing strategies, negotiating a "win-win" transaction and a wide network to support your needs. Be assured your purchase or sale will be handled as it were her own. She has an intuitiveness with clients to very quickly assess their goals and criteria, guiding them to make a positive decision. She works very well with other brokers to set a co-operative tone throughout the process. Shari is well versed in both the Seattle and Eastside neighborhoods living on both sides of the lake through the years.

Shari worked 16 years with Coldwell Banker Bain Bellevue and Kirkland. She spent 10 years on the Relocation team for Nordstrom, Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Her clients ranged from Top X-Box Directors to Nordstrom Merchandise Managers throughout the nation. A privilege.

Shari is highly respected for her role as Team Leader/CEO of the Keller Williams Bellevue & Greater Seattle. She hired and trained 500 experienced and new brokers. She received top honors for her growth and production abilities. When asked what made them grow so much, she said, "Because I always put the brokers first. Giving before receiving." A motto for her success.

Realizing, how important the ownership and culture of a company is, she made her decision to move to Avenue Properties. It is "Fresh" with a totally different perspective. So wonderful to be with a high integrity, respected ownership & team.

Personally, Shari is a single Mom of an only daughter, Alisha, now married with a new love of her life, Avery Elle, her 5-year-old granddaughter. Pure joy! This single birth rocked her world, thus defining her purpose in life, "Creating A Legacy for Others". Her father was a UW professor in Building Construction and her dear Mother was a teacher at LK WA high school. Since those early years, she has been mentoring, giving & serving her client’s needs. Her true passion is in giving.

Shari's past life experiences included a career at Nordstrom, a fund-raiser for a nonprofit Children's Charity and has served for several years as a board member to The Michael Ryan Pattison Foundation for spinal cord injuries. How can she serve you best?
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