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Zack Brown

Zack was raised in a real estate family, and has always been involved in all things home. As any child of a Realtor® will tell you, real estate is baked in the cake. Weekends at Open Houses, summers working construction...a future in the industry is somewhat inevitable. Luckily, Zack has an innate ability to connect with people and build quality relationships; an essential for successful brokers.

Zack brings along with him a spirit of collaboration, always with one goal in mind: clients first. Zack enjoys the unique environment at Avenue taking advantage of the desire amongst the brokers and founders to share information—and cheer each other on to success—finding it both inspiring and refreshing. Whether it’s promoting each other’s listings on social media, or consulting about market trends in specific neighborhoods, the cutting-edge brokers don’t hesistate to collaborate if it means elevating the client experience and achieving results.

In his off time, Zack is passionate about outdoor living and sports, specifically rugby. Competitions have taken him throughout the Pacific Northwest & Midwest, building lifelong, meaningful relationships. “The lessons I’ve learned on the pitch, the honorable men I’ve been fortunate to stand alongside, and the hours of laughter we’ve shared, have bred my love of the sport.”
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